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The highly anticipated new single from IAMX is available now.

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IAMX’s new single The X ID is out now ahead of the new album Fault Lines1, which will be released on May 12. The song is the first new lyrical material from the project since 2018’s Alive In New Light and builds on the grinding modular sounds of 2021’s Machinate.

The first of two albums across the next year, the Fault Lines project explores the rifts and fractures of our lives, both psychologically and within the tangible world.

The video shows off the X ID in all its psychedelic, androgynous glory. Playing with themes of gender, S&M and unreality, in the video we watch Corner guide us through a sensory overload of nature where he appears as a fever dream guiding us towards a reunion with the land via our own self exploration. Heightening the sense of desire, our own childlike id is exposed through a sexually charged exchange full of mud and lust, asking: Who are we free to be when we leave the weight of social constructs behind us?

An act known for high energy and heart wrenching performance, IAMX will bring the full band production back to the stage for a North America tour beginning next month and a European tour in the fall.

Mastermind Chris Corner and longtime live collaborators Janine Gezang (vocals, keys, bass) and Jon Siren (drums), will interpret classics and favorites from throughout the expansive IAMX catalog alongside the bold new material of Fault Lines1.

You can expect the awe of IAMX’s psycho-sexual, explosive and passionate performance paired with dramatic lights, visuals, filth glam and the bands’ never-ending existential need to become one with the audience. In North America, IAMX will be joined by the dark electronic project I Speak Machine who recently opened for Gary Numan, and will end the tour in Los Angeles with an explosive opening act from Skinny Puppy co-founder cEvin Key. See below for a full list of live dates.

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