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First Aid Tech: brand new project from István Gazdag of First Aid 4 Souls

Although renowned Hungarian electronic artist István Gazdag has been performing and DJing under the First Aid Tech moniker for...

Implant: a free download song and video

Did Implant loose control on their chaos machines? It’s what we can all wonder now that the Belgian electro...

Dark Electro Pop Band Aiboforcen announces new album

Cult dark electro / future pop act Aiboforcen announces the release of their 7th studio album in the spring...

Kirlian Camera release first video single ‘Il Tempo Profondo’ taken from the forthcoming new album “Radio Signals for the Dying”

Kirlian Camera reveal the video clip 'Il Tempo Profondo (Radio Signal Version)' as the first single taken from the...

Neuroticfish unveils “The Demystification Of The Human Heart”

Renowned German electronic band Neuroticfish is back with a groundbreaking album that is set to captivate listeners and ignite...

I Ya Toyah `s “Panic Room”

I Ya Toyah is not a musical act, she’s a movement. When spoken out loud in her native Polish,...

Spanish dark synth duo Huir debuts with first single!

Emerging from the vibrant city of Barcelona/Spain the brand new dark synthpop duo Huir present their very first single...

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