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Nachtmahr – Verboten! Tour 2024

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Welcome to the ultimate lesson in musical excess!

Immerse yourself in the dark, electronic soundscapes of Nachtmahr, a band that has known no boundaries since its foundation in 2007, breaking all the rules and celebrating exaggeration in a way that will leave you speechless. This band has deliberately chosen the path of the forbidden.

Nachtmahr is known for their wild and unbridled live performances, in which they show no consideration for casualties. Their music is a rollercoaster ride of energy, passion and extremes, their live performances an ecstatic experience that overwhelms the senses and draws the audience into a maelstrom of emotions. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of excessive art that will challenge your imagination.

Now the band is calling their fans to Verboten! Tour 2024 with a total of nine dates in Germany. In addition to countless classics from the band’s entire history, brand new material from the upcoming album will be presented live for the first time!

Experience the excess, feel the intensity and let Nachtmahr take you on a journey you will never forget. Welcome to the world of unconventionality and ecstatic celebration – ready for the forbidden journey of a lifetime?

November 2024

01Nov04:0004:00NachtmahrGermany, Oberhausen, Verboten Tour 2024ArtistNachtmahr

02Nov04:0004:00NachtmahrGermany, Mannheim, Verboten Tour 2024ArtistNachtmahr

08Nov04:0004:00NachtmahrGermany, Erfurt, Verboten Tour 2024ArtistNachtmahr

09Nov04:0004:00NachtmahrGermany, Dresden, Verboten Tour 2024ArtistNachtmahr

10Nov04:0004:00NachtmahrGermany, Berlin, Verboten Tour 2024ArtistNachtmahr

15Nov04:0004:00NachtmahrGermany, Friedrichshafen, Verboten Tour 2024ArtistNachtmahr

16Nov04:0004:00NachtmahrGermany, München, Verboten Tour 2024ArtistNachtmahr

22Nov04:0004:00NachtmahrGermany, Nürnberg, Verboten Tour 2024ArtistNachtmahr

23Nov04:0004:00NachtmahrGermany, Hannover, Verboten Tour 2024ArtistNachtmahr

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