Thursday, September 21, 2023

Marc Massive

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Marc Massive Soloproject. Formerly Frontman of Massive Ego

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The EBM formation TraKKtor is back with a new single

TraKKtor is one of Sweden's longest serving EBM acts and arguably the hardest electronica act to ever come out...

Chemical Sweet Kid`s latest single is titled “Down”.

Chemical Sweet Kid is a bold musical project characterised by its innovative approach and genre fusion, which has made...

X-Marks The Pedwalk`s Album Number 12

On their 12th album in the 35-year band career, Sevren Ni-Arb and Estefania again touch our souls. „Superstition“ is...

Platronic release Depeche Mode cover version “The Things You Said” as single

Martin Gore from Depeche Mode was THE reason why Kay Burden from Platronic started writing songs. It was love...

Marc Massive (Massive Ego) releases “Idol Lies” as EP and Short Film

Marc Massive makes a surprise solo reemergence in the form of an EP and short film. After a breakdown...

EBM act Dead Lights announce second album

Dead Lights presents modern EBM moulded into catchy songs with surgical precision. Bass-heavy, buzzing magnetism with pummeling, yet groovy,...

unitcode:machine`s “Cold”

This mesmerizing single by unitcode:machine, produced by the acclaimed Christopher Hall of Stabbing Westward, dives deep into the profound...

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