Saturday, September 30, 2023

Marc Massive (Massive Ego) releases “Idol Lies” as EP and Short Film

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Marc Massive makes a surprise solo reemergence in the form of an EP and short film. After a breakdown forced an immediate withdrawal from the band he’d fronted since 1996, Massive Ego.

With all the band’s social media disappearing overnight, and only a brief ‘break-up’ statement left for the confused fans to evaluate. But time heals and creativity never dies. Reinvention and rejuvenation born out of self-help, therapy and discovering your inner spirit through meditation, manifesting, reading and writing. Leaving what died behind, but importantly letting the new ideas breathe.

A short film? ‘Dark pop surrealism meets affectionate 50’s B-movie homage, that doesn’t take itself too seriously, surprising, given the dark back story that inspired it. Billed as ‘the truth and nothing but’ and set amidst the crumbling sideshow attractions of a run-down seaside pier.

Following a personal perspective, with hidden meanings and symbolism highlighting the descent into paranoia of a fallen music artist, forced into exile as his detractors danced on his grave. Idol Dies through Idle Lies. In the shadow of challenging mental health and catastrophizing, to facing his demons on the long road back from the brink. A story told as an ever-moving musical narrative through the piers rides and attractions. Removing the mask, the self-inflicted shackles of a once-revered alter ego. Killed off in a ‘Ziggy’ worthy finale, the gimmicks of a fake facade laid to rest, finally revealing his truth, newfound spirit and a desire to forgive, be grateful and rise again.’

Marc Massive @ Web


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