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Corlyx feat. Suzi Sabotage: New Dark Anthem “Kill Cave” Out Now!

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Darkwave enthusiasts are set to be spellbound as Corlyx teams up with Finnish goth icon Suzi Sabotage to release “Kill Cave,” the second single from Corlyx‘s eagerly awaited album scheduled for release in 2024 through Out Of Line Music.

“Kill Cave” is a hauntingly beautiful homage to the misunderstood and the marginalized, a narrative that resonates with the tales of witchy women throughout history. The track is a blend of the artists’ signature styles, creating a soundscape that is both dark and mysterious, beautiful and grotesque. Immerse yourself in the visual world of Corlyx and Suzi, where the dark meets the divine.

The music video, a visual feast that complements the track’s ethereal tones, was a joint effort with Caitlin Stokes at the helm of direction and editing. Her recent work includes the acclaimed video for Lord Of The Lost‘s “Dead End.” The “Kill Cave” video captures the essence of the song’s lyrics, portraying a journey of self-discovery and the shedding of misconceived identities.

Caitlin Stokes of Corlyx: “Suzi Sabotage was my first choice to join us in this song, I love her powerful iconic energy, and she brought some fresh ideas to the song. We had a blast making the music video together, front women rarely collaborate, and I think we need to see more of this, our unique beauty in harmony is powerful and enchanting.”

Suzi Sabotage adds: “It’s been an unforgettable, wonderfully berserk experience to collaborate with Corlyx, especially flying over to Italy to film the music video with them. I handpicked the song myself out of different alternatives because it immediately took my breath away, sounding like a modern darkwave classic. They’re talented, lovely people who I think should become THE name on everyone’s lips in the goth scene.” Suzi is known as the Finnish siren merging dark coldwave with synthpunk, creating an ethereal yet danceable sound, often accentuated with the Finnish kantele.

“Kill Cave” is more than just a song; it’s a statement, a movement, a rallying cry for darkwave lovers and those who find beauty in the shadows. Echoing the song’s themes, it invites listeners to embrace their true selves beyond the facade that the world sees.

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