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Psy’Aviah asks a question: Is Everything Going OK?

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On the recent “Bittersweet” album, the Belgian act Psy’Aviah also surprised us by revisiting two of their biggest hit songs: “Tired” and “Ok”, fully rearranging them for the occasion of the band’s 20th anniversary celebration.

Today, Yves Schelpe brings the surprise one step further by releasing a new video clip and extended EP for this amazing Psy’Aviah classic song “Ok”!

Originally released back in 2011, the new 2022 version benefits from the artist’s ever evolving production skills and features new stunning vocal melodies sung by Huong Su with additional guitars and carrying violins by Irina Markevich, metamorphosing this song into a more triphop / indie pop tune.

“Ok” questions the depth of that social question we use at almost every human encounter asking mechanically “how are you?”, expecting “Ok” as automatic answer without really paying attention nor trying to find out what truth really lurks behind this or considering being empathic… “Everything is going Ok” being nothing but a window-dressing expression, some kind of emotional mask. Well, the essence of the tongue-in-cheek message of this song was beautifully translated into this must-see slow-motion video clip, result of Yves Schelpe’s fruitful collaboration talented actress Gwendolin Harissa Van Jole & Gwenny Cooman of GNY Photography. Just go and watch that alien desperately trying to connect with the strange humans that we all can be sometimes!

This new “rediscovered” version of “Ok” gets released with some 12 bonus remixes from all kinds of music genres from industrial-electro to pure club trance, to synthpop & Italo-disco inspired versions, to ambient and even old school jungle breakbeats. “It is a reflection of listening to other influences as well – so it ties nicely into the narrative of “Ok” and listening further…” explains Yves Schelpe.

As always, Psy’Aviah proves that it’s very possible writing electro pop songs with heavy messages and extracting shimmering lights from darker tunes…

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