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One More Cup of Coffee is a standalone single by Swedish synth trio More

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More has been quiet since the last release of Snowflake Supernova last October, but the band has been hard at work writing songs for the upcoming third album.

The band felt they wanted to release something for their loyal following before the summer and found a lost gem that had been sitting in a drawer for almost 2 years. A cover version of a Bob Dylan classic that is timeless and fits the band perfectly.

“We’ve had this cover ready for almost two years and were supposed to release it last year when Bob Dylan turned 80, but due to the release of our second album Appraisal last March, we had to take a little creative break. Right now we are writing our third album and wanted to release this cover for Bob Dylan‘s 81st birthday this year as a tribute to one of the world’s greatest artists. The song is from the great album “Desire (Magnus Dahlberg / vocals)”.

One More Cup of Coffee will be released on all major digital platforms on Bob Dylan’s birthday on Wednesday, May 24, 2023.

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