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Das Fortleben presents new single “Zeitlos (Timeless)”

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The release dates of Das Fortleben run like the red line through life! «zeitlos», the new single is released on 23.05.2023. Exactly 74 years after this world-changing proclamation, the latest work by the electronic artists, who has now grown to a trio, will be released! Will this release also change the world?

On 23 May 1949, the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany was promulgated and signed in Bonn. Protest came from the East. In the meanwhile it was changed over 60 times, in favour of humanity?
How does it look today?

Once again, Das Fortleben keeps open questions about questions, play cleverly with critical words and leave no brain winding untouched. The single EP contains a lot of remixes get under the skin and once again couldn’t be more different!

The original version and the B-side “Die Natur ist im Wandel” (together with 8 brilliant remixes by Rossi BM, Hidden Souls, Merry Chicklit, Jan VDOC, All The Ashes, Minusheart and Insurgent) round off a successful symbiosis of electronic club sounds paired with the spoken word!

Die Natur ist im Wandel” could also be the second part of the conversation between the sun and the earth of the last release…could!
The single is available on all relevant streaming services and download stores.

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