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Danish synthpop duo Softwave ask the question about the next Christmas

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Leading up to the release of the EP, Jerry Olsen (SoftWave’s producer) sat in the studio and played with a bell sound, which captured him so much that it unintentionally ended up with the creation of SoftWave’s first Xmas song!

They chose to co-write with a former collaboration partner from Great Britain, Barney Ashton-Bullock. He is a playwright, poet and librettist in the project ‘Andy Bell is Torsten’ alongside Erasure’s Andy Bell. Barney has previously invited SoftWave to produce 2 remixes for Andy Bell’s LP (Club Torsten) which ended up on the UK OFFICIAL ALBUM CHARTS in the company of Vince Clarke. Together Barney, Catrine & Jerry created the ultimate Xmas song, seasoned with Jerry’s delicious production and jingle bell sounds.

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