Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Carv.R releases new dark pop single “Deflect” featuring Mari Kattman

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Carv.R, the innovative Dark Synth-Pop project from producer Cristian Carver, has just unveiled their latest single “Deflect” “This is a personal track for me,” says Carv.R. “The single was inspired by people who shirked responsibility for their actions and instead played the victim, which is a frustrating and disappointing experience I’m sure many have gone through.”

The haunting yet energetic track features the mesmerizing vocals of Mari Kattman (COP International) she operates under the Mari Kattman name as a solo artist and works with Tom Shear, of Assemblage 23, on a project called Helix. “When I wrote the instrumental for ‘Deflect,’ I knew that Mari was the perfect person for the track. Her vocals sit perfectly with the music, and her lyrics bring the original idea of the song to life” – Cristian Carver

With Carv.R‘s signature ethereal arp-style leads and mid-tempo bass lines, the track exemplifies Carv.R‘s unique sound that sets them apart in the electronic music scene.

Following the release of “Deflect” a remix of the track is scheduled for release on Friday, May 19th. The track was remixed by the prolific producer ALEX, who has charted #5 on Billboard with AKUMA II and has been featured on Bandcamp’s front page multiple times.

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