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Vvmpyre Unveils The Horror-Themed LP, Neon Night Fright

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Vvmpyre begins 2023 having just released their new full-length LP, Neon Night Fright after a series of well-received singles. This long-awaited debut album brings together Vvmpyre’s love for horror with gothic guitars and dance beats.

Vvmpyre’s artistic journey has always been heavily influenced by horror. Many of the tracks like “He Will Always Be”, “Neon Night Fright”, “Surrender”, and “Freedom of Death” focus on themes of the vampyrism that appears in classic horror films that inspire Vvmpyre; The Vampire Lovers and Horror of Dracula for example.

The call of the vampire waiting to take another victim’s blood while shrouded in love and lust is the common underlying theme to many of these tracks, and even makes more subtle tracks like “Alone in the Woods” much darker

However, tracks like “Offering” and the opener, “Black Cube” tap into the “cult horror” of this same era calling to films like The Omen, The Mephisto Waltz, and Suspiria in their lyrics as well as in the heavy strings and organs that aspire to the scores of composer Jerry Goldsmith. The combination of these influences make for a bloodthirsty collection of tracks with a haunting atmosphere throughout.

However, Vvmpyre is not afraid to diversify these sounds while keeping the core intact. The band takes a more EBM influence in “Black Cube”, “Atrocity” and “Surrender” bringing in heavy guitars with massive solos; a contrast to “He Will Always Be” which brings in more ethereal synths and guitars.

About The Guest Stars On Neon Night Fright:

The “soundtrack of your nightmare” as Vvmpyre refers to the new album, comes together through twelve massive collaborations, each with their own flavor of darkness across the board.

The guest stars bring their own variety to shine on their spots for the album. Elevate the Sky and Neilio bring their own flavor of bright and brutal guitars to the mix respectively compared to Brandon Ashley’s dark collection of goth guitar riffs throughout the rest of the album. While the vampiric callings of Maverick and Jennifer Wilde are almost signature to Vvmpyre, Sandra Bullet’s calls to the end are almost ritualistic on “Freedom of Death”. Orion Eighty brings forward a dark fantasy tale to “Black Cube”, while lustful darkness awakens the playfully dark “My Love is a Zombie” with Oceanside85, and Upon Her Eyes’ vocal in “Alone in the Woods” adds an operatic feel.

This collaboration collective of an album is only the start of one of many journeys the Vvmpyre project has to deliver. Whether it is with the music, the videos, or as a DJ on Twitch, there is still plenty more ahead of the dark road. The only guarantee is that it only gets darker from here.

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