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New Sono album will be released on 07.April 2023

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It’s been more than twenty years since the Hamburg trio Sono entered the national and international charts with their club hit “Keep Control”, paving their way into the dance and pop world.

Two decades that gave the band around Lennart A. Salomon, Florian Sikorski and Martin Weiland time to invent their very own style: a mixture of club-ready beats and flawless pop songs.

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The new, ninth Sono longplayer “In The Haze” is a homage to these clubs. The album tells of what happens in the opaque, multi-layered swathes of the fog machines: Love, dance, separation, uncertainty. An emotional album that invites you to dance as well as to listen and sing along. For “In The Haze”, Sono have teamed up with hip stars of the club scene, such as Hamburg techno producer André Winter, Italian DJ Rafael Cerato and Hamburg drum ‘n’ bass great Phace. The result is eleven tracks that, in addition to their club suitability, have another common thread: the band’s love for the music of the 80s.

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