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Neuroticfish unveils “The Demystification Of The Human Heart”

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Renowned German electronic band Neuroticfish is back with a groundbreaking album that is set to captivate listeners and ignite discussions across the world. Titled “The Demystification Of The Human Heart”, this 12-track masterpiece delves into the complexities of society’s decline, the lack of empathy,
and the human condition as we know it.

Neuroticfish, known for their unique blend of electronic sounds and thought-provoking lyrics, has never shied away from addressing societal issues in their music. In this album, they take it a step further by dissecting the very essence of the human heart and its interaction with the modern world. Each track presents a different facet of this enigmatic journey, making it a compelling and emotionally charged experience for the listener.

The album is a sonic exploration, weaving together evocative melodies with insightful lyrics, creating an emotional resonance that is both poignant and powerful. From the haunting opening track “Imposter Syndrome” to the album’s thought-provoking crescendo “Gone”, Neuroticfish promises a listening experience that will leave a lasting impact.

As a special thank you, for fans who still prefer the CD format, every single CD in the CD- edition of the album comes with individually distorted front cover artwork, making each unit unique. This offers fans their very own limited edition experience, all due to the distinctive artwork. Although the track list remains the same for each unit.

Neuroticfish’s new album is slated for release on December the 15th 2023, and fans of electronic music and those who appreciate music with a message won’t want to miss it.

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Neuroticfish Live

März 2024

23Mär04:0023:00NeuroticfishGermany, HannoverArtistAudiocall,Neuroticfish

Juli 2024

27Jul(Jul 27)10:0028(Jul 28)10:00Amphi Festival 2024Germany, KölnArtistA Projection,Agent Side Grinder,Alienare,And One,Auger,Blackbook,Bloody Dead And Sexy,Blutengel,Dark,Diary of Dreams,Die Selektion,Eisbrecher,ES23,Faderhead,Front Line Assembly,Girls Under Glass,Goethes Erben,Heldmaschine,Henric De La Cour,Hocico,Kirlian Camera,Manntra,Merciful Nuns,Minuit Machine,Neuroticfish,Ost+Front,Peter Heppner,Principe Valiente,Project Pitchfork,Schattenmann,Solar Fake,Soulbound,T.O.Y.,The Beauty Of Gemina,The Other,Then Comes Silence,Ultra Sunn

September 2024

13Sep(Sep 13)03:0014(Sep 14)03:00Solitary ExperimentsGermany, Berlin, The 30th Anniversary Celebration 2024Artist[:SITD:],Absurd Minds,Cat Rapes Dog,Me The Tiger,Neuroticfish,Solitary Experiments,Steril,ZyniC

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