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Cyderdyne release third and final album “Exodus”

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After what feels like almost an eternity in the making, Cyferdyne’s third and ostensibly final album has arrived – and what began over a decade ago with “Genesys” reaches its nominally biblical conclusion in “Exodus”. And biblical it is indeed in scope – 10 epic tracks, only one a few seconds under 5 minutes in length, as the band bow out with well over an hour of superlative songwriting.

While “featuring the singles Static and Breathe Deeper” might seem to be true, in fact both previously released versions were “Single Edits” of the far more elaborate and lengthier original arrangements found here on “Exodus” – put out as album teasers to whet one’s appetite while the other 8 songs were still being completed.

If this does indeed turn out to be their final foray into a recording studio, there is truly something here for everyone who has ever liked any iteration of Cyferdyne from start to finish. Those early exchanges of sung and shouted vocals that typified the first album are recalled here in the outro of “Let Me Burn”, while fans of the club-friendly feel of “Static” and “Breathe Deeper” will surely find similar satisfaction in songs like “Everything” or “Nothing Lasts Forever”. Cyferdyne have also always exhibited a more nuanced atmospheric side – more than ably represented here by “Take Me With You”, “Never Let You Go” and the album closer “Are We Nothing”.

As might be expected with any act now long-established, “Exodus” demonstrates a further step forward in maturity – the production, admirably executed by Andy McBain and given a final polish by mastering engineer Jesse Skeens is as slick if not slicker than for the previous “Keep Your Silence”, Andy Higginson’s guitars are more present, and Steven Houghton’s lyric writing and vocal performance more plaintive and impassioned than ever before.

With song titles and lyrics filled with longing and loss, as a sum of its parts “Exodus” seems tinged with regret and an understanding of finality – exactly as any album intended as a farewell should…
No niche market material this – the majority of these tracks would grace most mainstream broadcast media, with their perfect pop sensibilities.
If this will really be as declared Cyferdyne’s swansong, we will surely all miss them when they’re gone…

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