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Cøldstar Debut-Synthpop-EP “Coming Home” surrounded by space- aesthetics

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The Bernese duo Cøldstar is one of the rising stars in the Swiss electro-pop scene. Cøldstar are Martin Baumann and Michael Freund, who share a passion for dark and electronic music, as well as a fascination with space. Inspired by the dark and mysterious side of the universe, the two have created their own aesthetic of melancholic melodies and soundscapes with Cøldstar, using analog synthesizers and vocoders from the past.

After a first single in 2021, the duo is now ready to let us hear a first EP.

In their own words:

1.) Cøldstar (Restart)
We need a new star
…Cøldstar (Restart)» is about the hope that a new «star» will enter our lives in order to enrich it. Whether consciously or unconsciously, ultimately, we all long for something different, better, or new. We want to burn the old («Old stars burn») to make room for the new («A new star is born»). Let’s go for a restart!
2) I Won’t Follow You
“Remenber we were strangers yesterday today we could change our ways”
The idea for the song came during a drive through the barren, Mars-like volcanic landscape of Fuerteventura. It is a monochrome world of black rock and red earth. The sun is hot, and the monotonous sound of the tires on the road is the only sound that breaks the silence. This meditative perception, in which the driver falls into a trance-like state, leads him to make an important decision…

3) Emily Star
“She knows there is something out there, a message in the space”
This song is about the girl Emily, who searches the sky for the darkest stars every night. She is convinced that the universe has a message for her. Because she knows that there is more than just the life she knows on earth…

4) Noisefloor
“It’s different, but it’s very pretty out here.” (Neil Armstrong)
“Noisefloor” transports the special atmosphere on the first flight to the moon. The view from the spaceship has something magical and surreal in this moment. The silence of space is noticeable. The only thing that can be heard is the sound of the technology in the spacecraft. «Noisefloor» is accompanied by the recordings of the conversation between Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin immediately after the moon landing.

5) Last Dance
“Come on little stranger girl, there’s only one last dance”
«Last Dance» describes a wonderful night with a clear starry sky and calls for living life to the fullest. «Last Dance» is about taking risks and living life the way we want to. The chorus emphasizes that we should stay true to ourselves and enjoy life until the end: Take one last dance before the music ends…

6) Cøldstar (Crying Vessel Remix)
Slade Templeton, responsible for post-production, mixing, and mastering the songs in the Influx-Studios Bern/Berlin, contributed a remix for the EP. The result: The song “Cøldstar” here in the typical and unmistakable Crying-Vessel style!

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