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Beyond Border Double release

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Beyond Border are not satisfied with just one single. On 11.11. the high-flyer will release two EPs to the listeners.

However, the EP double release is done with an ulterior motive.

On the one hand, the EPs show the two sides of Beyond Border, according to the classic fairy tale scheme of good and evil….

On the other hand, with Saint & Sinner songs appear that somehow wouldn’t have fit on the next album, but are too good to hide away.

For the EP`s Beyond Border also got some guests on board. They are: Zoodrake, N-Frequency, Rana Arborea and J:Dead. People Theatres and Device Not Ready each contribute a remix to the tracklist.

The two EP`s should also bridge the time until the release of the second part of the “Welcome… Trilogy” with the title “Gathering”. A release in the middle of 2023 is planned.

With the album “Gathering” the duo then also breaks new ground, leaving the independent path and joining a label.

Beyond Border @ Web

Beyond Border Live

Neuroticfish Live

July 2024

19jul(jul 19)07:0020(jul 20)23:00Reborn FestivalGermany, Schwarzenberg ArtistAgonoize,Battle Scream,Beyond Border,Beyond Obsession,dAVOS,JanRevolution,L’Âme Immortelle,Ost+Front,Rotersand,S.P.O.C.K,The Brute :,TOAL,Tyske Ludder,Wiegand

September 2024

06sep15:0023:00AlienareGermany, Dresden, Lumen Tour 2024ArtistAlienare,Beyond Border

07sep15:0023:00AlienareGermany, München, Lumen Tour 2024ArtistAlienare,Beyond Border

08sep15:0023:00AlienareGermany, Stuttgart, Lumen Tour 2024ArtistAlienare,Beyond Border

13sep15:0023:00AlienareGermany, Frankfurt am Main, Lumen Tour 2024ArtistAlienare,Beyond Border

14sep15:0023:00AlienareGermany, Köln, Lumen Tour 2024ArtistAlienare,Beyond Border

15sep15:0023:00AlienareGermany, Oberhausen, Lumen Tour 2024ArtistAlienare,Beyond Border

20sep15:0023:00AlienareGermany, Leipzig, Lumen Tour 2024ArtistAlienare,Beyond Border

21sep15:0023:00AlienareGermany, Hamburg, Lumen Tour 2024ArtistAlienare,Beyond Border

27sep15:0023:00AlienareGermany, Nürnberg, Lumen Tour 2024ArtistAlienare,Beyond Border

28sep15:0023:00AlienareGermany, Berlin, Lumen Tour 2024ArtistAlienare,Beyond Border

October 2024

05oct15:0023:00AlienareGermany, Hannover, Lumen Tour 2024ArtistAlienare,Beyond Border

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