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Antiage unleash another single on the fans before the album

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“No Sacrifice” is an independent, musically harmonizing cocktail of catchy melodies, electronic & rock elements and driving pop & industrial beats. Thanks to the open handling of stylistic boundaries, the song won the current “Battle of the Bands” newcomer contest of the SonicSeducer music magazine with a bombastic lead and will now be released as an official single.

In their once again elaborately arranged music video for the single, the extravagant trio shows off dancing rabbits and even a live drummer, which understandably makes one curious about their fancy live shows, which have already been announced for this year. Also, Antiage will release their debut album “Aphrodisiac Odyssey” on May 26, 2023 on the label “Infacted Recordings”.

Antiage @ Web

Antiage Live

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