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Street Fever – Fate

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“Fate” is a reflection of self love, desire, and a deep look inside one’s shadow to embrace who it is that we want to be. “Fate” is an intimate call for us to dive deeper into the love we want to give ourselves alongside feeling an indescribable love from a power beyond ourselves. “Fate” is the tug of war between desire and presence, guided by the language we use to embody our purest form. The love we give ourselves is reflected in the love we see in our waking life. Who we wish to embody is up to us. It is our responsibility alone to take the steps down this path of true embodiment. Directed by Street Fever Cinematography By: Street Fever April Mcpherson Gus Marsden Taylor Foerster Edited by Street Fever


Marcel Lüke (Zweite Jugend) Soloalbum

Marcel Lüke ist Schlagzeuger und Gründungsmitglied von „Zweite Jugend“. Im Alter von 12 Jahren begann Marcel mit dem Schlagzeug spielen. Anfangs mit Unterricht und...

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