Donnerstag, November 30, 2023

Fixmer / McCarthy

18Feb20:0020:00Fixmer / McCarthyGermany, OberhausenArtistFixmer / McCarthy,Zweite Jugend

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In 2003 after remixing Nitzer Ebb’s Let Your Body Learn for Nova Mute Terence Fixmer asked if Douglas McCarthy was available to add some vocals on Terence’s 2nd album (after his 2001 “MUSCLE MACHINE”). Douglas had not been working on music since the release of NITZER EBB’s album “BIG HIT” in 1995.

Once they got into the studio they quickly realised they had a lot of fun together and a lot of songs so they formed the collaboration FIXMER/MCCARTHY and went on to release “BETWEEN THE DEVIL…” in 2004 and “INTO THE NIGHT” in 2008 along with multiple 12” singles and E.P.’s.

All the while they have regularly performed their explosive live shows around the world mostly in the Techno scene but they also play for EBM and even rock audiences.

18 years since they started this project, they are still going strong and 2022 will see them doing live shows just as they always have with minimal electronic hard dance beats and intense vocals.

ZWEITE JUGEND besteht aus Marcel Lüke (Drums) und Eli van Vegas (Vocals, Sequences) und haben sind dem Electronic Punk, Punk und Oldschool EBM verschrieben.

Beteiligungen und Nebenprojekte: Combat Company, Jäger 90, Tension Control

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