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What a „beast“! Love Peace & Honesty the new Rotoskop Single

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After releases as The Blood, Diesel and Diesel Christ the artist Rotoskop started the journey this millenium He sent tracks to other artists who lent me their voices and completed my work. Amongst them were Phillip Boa, Foetus and Ruby. The album ‚Revolution:Lost‘ came out in 2003. It was well accomplished and every mag was excited. Even without payola.

The following years were sadly filled with failure, mistakes, doubts and wrong decisions. So Rotoskop worked a lot on other artists tracks Apoptygma Berzerk, De/Vision, Sono, Torul and Sea of Sin released their tracks with remixes of Rotoskop. Since 2021 Rotoskop is back again with self-confidence and a lot of music. The artist decided to release 3 EPs with 6 tracks that year. Just Rotoskop – his music – his voice – his lunacy.

2022 started with remixes that great colleagues sent to him. “2021:revisited” is the recent album that came out in July 22.

In January 2023 the first single ‘Lovers & Colours‘ was released. The follow up will ‚Dark Desire (Rob Dust Remix)’ was released in February. An enormous bunch of DJs recognized it. In March the EP ‘Destination=Love’ was released. It was presented as the support act for Sono in April. And the jouney continues …

if you need a label for Rotoskop`s music? Write Dark Mood Pop on it. Because of the diverse influences the music of this artist sounds quite unique and mostly suprising. The leitmotif is neither the beat, the synth, the guitar nor a specific scene. It’s the mood and for sure the voice that defines ROTOSKOP sound and songs. It is a wide range from the quieter moments of „Silent ≠ Silenced“ (Album 2022) to storming grooves like „Today“ (EP1 2021). You will always get the full range of dark moods in pop-songs.

The live impact of Rotoskop is astonishing and surprising for this one-man-show. And even on stage the variety of dark moods works pretty well. See for yourself if you can experience Rotoskop somewhere.

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