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Projekt Ich releases first single from the third album.

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Projekt Ich, alias Ulf Müller, releases the first single “Paméla Amen” from the upcoming third studio album. The album is expected to be released in the fall/winter of 2024 or the spring of 2025 under the German indie label Echozone.
Following the success of his last studio album, “Freedom For All” (2022), Ulf took some time off to produce demo songs. He continued collaborating with various talented singers from around the world to carry on the successful concept of his previous two albums

During this time, Ulf released two singles featuring cover versions of Nirvana’s ‘Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For A Sunbeam,’ sung by Richard Pustina, and Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Mr. Crowley,’ sung by Dasha Larks, also known as Pulse Lab. Additionally, he produced a 4-track EP titled “Drei Dinge” specifically for Gabi Leitner’s vernissage, following the theme “3 Dinge sind es, die uns aus dem Paradies geblieben sind: Die Sterne der Nacht, die Blumen des Tages und die Augen der Kinder (von Dante Alleghieri).

” All these releases achieved long-lasting positions in the German Alternative Charts, GEWC Charts, Native 25 Charts, and Radio Klangwald Charts

For “Paméla Amen,” Ulf enlisted Sandie Trash from the up-and- coming electro synthpop duo LISA PUNG in France as the vocalist. The quirky and vivid lyrics are directly from Sandie’s creative mind, delving into social criticism and satirical exaggerations of murder fantasies and actions. The concept behind “Paméla Amen” works seamlessly, with charismatic, pulsating, and shrill vocals in French effortlessly blending with the song’s intense overall sound.

“Paméla Amen” is pure synthpop with a touch of the ’80s and a substantial dose of underground vibes, making it both catchy and danceable, while remaining highly listenable. The melodious saxophone parts come from Manuel Trabucco in Italy
The single “Paméla Amen” includes, alongside the original title, five strong and diverse remixes from bands and artists such as Spankthenun (US), Obsession Of Time (SW), Elektrojudas (DE), Johann Kreber (PL), Terrance Pryor (US). It also features the original B-side song “Is It Sin,” written and sings by Ulf himself, as well as instrumental versions of the original and B-side songs.

Videos for the two main tracks will be released in the near future.

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