Thursday, September 21, 2023

New Xotox album “Ich bin da Ich funktioniere (I am there I function)” is coming.

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“Do you know this feeling of complete inner emptiness?
What it’s like not to be noticed by anyone? Simply to exist but not to be? I know it!”

What if all of a sudden everything you knew is no longer the way it was? When everything is turned upside down („Die Strömung der Welt“, „Toter Stern“). and have long since reached your physical and psychological limit („Kapitulation“, „Unausgesprochen“, „Unendlich“).

When you can no longer stand by those you love, who mean everything to you, the way you would like to („Existenz“, „Kind am Fenster“). When you only function to stay alive, so to speak („Ich funktioniere“, „Ich bin da“). When bad news from good friends determine the rest of your life (“Alles geht kaputt”) and you can only concentrate on the minimum that is vital at that moment (“Leben und Sterben für Musik aus Strom“, „Was hörst Du“)?

All of this is „ich bin da/ich funktioniere“. Gloomy, loud, desperate, angry.
All this is the new album from XotoX.
Emotional-brute electronic music from the depths of the soul.

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