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Mildreda are possessed by the devil! New album in December.

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The Belgian electro shooting stars are possessed to the point that their sophomore physical full-length with the tell-tale title “Blue-Devilled” turns out to be a concept album hell but as the one defined by French existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre, which is reflected in the eyes of other people. This idea is a recurrent theme in many tracks of the album.

Musically, “Blue-Devilled” turns out to be more varied than its direct predecessor “I Was Never Really There”. There are more melodies and more shades to be found in the new tracks . Canadian EBM influences are still audible as well as the touch of Belgium sonic flavour.

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Yet the new broader and more open sound reveals Mildreda`s true colours.

In 1995, the 16 year old Jan Dewulf self-released his first full-length tape “II Castrato” under the Mildreda banner. His raw first effort was soon followed by a second cassette entitled “De Laffe Denker” in 1996, which got widely copied and circulated in electro circles. Mildreda gained a strong following and excellent reputation in the Belgian scene and beyond,

which led to live performances sharing stages with such renowned acts as Plastic Noise Experience, Terminal Choice, Covenant, VNV Nation among many others Despite his early success, Dewulf felt discontent with the business side of the scene and put Mildreda on hold.

In following years, he took a degree in philosophy and also started a new project under the moniker Diskonnekted, which focused more on dance influences. Mildreda continued to grow even during their absence by word of mouth. Dewulf came back to his love for dark electronic sounds with the digitally released ‘Coward Philosophy’ in 2016. His first physical album “I Was Never Really There” in 2021 brought Mildreda back to the spotlight of the electro scene.

“Blue-Devilled” both musically and lyrically marks another huge milestone in the career of Mildreda. The Belgians are back to prove that even in a philosophical hell, the devil still writes all the best tunes!

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