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Dos Asmund meets Leæther Strip

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Dos Asmund is not a real band or music project, but rather sees itself as a music, production and sound studio. It was founded in 2015 as a one-man synth enthusiast place where tracks that were created had something like a label for release.

Im ersten Jahr wurde das Album IO als Compilation mit bereits älteren Stücken In the first year the album IO was released as a compilation with already older tracks, then in 2019 a remix and collab EP with Mortal Void and straight in 2020 the album Baikonur Android. In 2021 was on the lookout for collaborations and found it in the support to the tracks “Driven by the Night” and “Hydra” on the solo album “sedate:seduce” by Nino Sable.

During this time, also through the experience with the DarkWave-Electroduo Fort Nimmermehr and various remixes, the idea formed that Dos Asmund would not work album-oriented in the near future, but would like to create pieces cooperatively with other artists and projects. “These Broken Things” with Leæther Strip should be the first piece. ..

Release date is 05/19/2023, including remixes of Zweite Jugend, Ben Blutzukker, Fort Nimmermehr and Krankheitssymptom (ex Mortal Void).


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