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Dead Lights – Elevator Muzak In Heaven

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What would an American televangelists idea of heaven be like? A cheap, tacky, gaudy, plastic tourist destination. Filled with superficial entertainment and all the filth and sleaze they desperately tried (and mostly failed!) to resist during their time on earth. If heaven is supposed to be paradise, then this would be paradise for them; Las Vegas, with God singing show tunes, Jesus behind the blackjack table, and the archangels cruising the strip every night, acting as holy pimps and pushers with a backdrop of flashing neon.

Music & Words: DEAD LIGHTS UK camera: Amy NL camera: Bukuru Video edit: DEAD LIGHTS

Dead Lights @ Web


Dead Lights Live

April 2024

06Apr15:0015:00MeshNetherlands, Rotterdam, LegacyArtistDead Lights,Mesh

27Apr15:0015:00MeshGermany, Berlin, LegacyArtistDead Lights,Mesh

Mai 2024

11Mai15:0015:00MeshGermany, Leipzig, LegacyArtistDead Lights,Mesh

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