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CattaC – Don’t Go!

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Welcome to the dark and mysterious world of CATTAC, where the music is as powerful as a fierce feline’s roar. With their fourth album „Deliverance“, the German darkwave, EBM and industrial duo delivers a hauntingly beautiful soundscape that will captivate you like a cat to a ball of yarn. The brooding beats and haunting melodies will leave you mesmerized, while the powerful deep vocals will send shivers down your spine. „Deliverance“ is a journey through the shadows, a musical exploration of the darkness that lurks within us all. It’s an album that will make you feel alive, while at the same time reminding you of the fragility of life. So if you’re looking for music that will make your heart race and your soul stir, look no further than CATTAC and their fourth album „Deliverance“. Don’t miss out on this stunning gothic music jewel.

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