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Nolongerhuman Comebackalbum “Marionette”

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Clint Robertson releases on May 05, 2023 the first nolongerhuman album since 2014.

Clint reports on the motives:

“The concept of the album Marionette was born almost a decade ago. I wanted to make a collection of songs that try to define the things that rule us in the background. Songs about our addictions, our compulsions and the hardships and struggles of human existence. All the factors that pull our strings behind the scenes.

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Over time, as the world changed, the idea became more focused and the message more direct and urgent. We live in a time that too often moves too fast to reflect on our inner feelings, let alone allow ourselves to pause and look in the mirror to see ourselves as we really are. Not as statistics in some social feed, not as commodities, but as people.

I did my best to embody those feelings with this album, and for the first time I had the great privilege of working closely with Jan from X-Fusion/Noisuf-X on mixing and mastering. I really feel like this is nolongerhuman‘s best work to date.”

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