Thursday, September 21, 2023

Matt Hart – Rotations

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“During the early 21st century research was done into the amount of sleep the human body needs. Results showed that 8 hours was the optimum sleep time for energy output and recovery. Here in 3808, in the Deep Down City the time mill counts its 8 hour cycle. 8 hours for sleeping 7 hours for working, 1 hour for self maintenance. It seems tough but with no natural light we didn’t need to work our time around a 12 hour clock anymore. The work must continue and the city needs to be built, maintained and fortified against the continued threat from the insiders.” ~ Field Marshall X.

ROTATIONS is a straight up club floor track influenced by the likes of Stoppenberg, Front 242, and CutOff:Sky.

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Parralox – Tears of Faith feat Jane...

Producer - John von Ahlen & Adam Reinhart Engineer - Juan del Toro Vocals - Jane Badler Backing vocals - Johanna Gervin Backing vocals...

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