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FabrikC: The Chinese Food Experience II

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In 2007, a song called “Chinese Food” took off to hit the dancefloors of the world, and no one expected FabrikC to leave its mark on music with this release. The influence of this track is still ubiquitous. Since then, this track has become an integral part of clubs and is still popular and desired by clubgoers and dancers.

Now it was time to give this milestone in music history a new coat of paint, to let it appear in a new light. When asked about it by various musicians, friends and bands, the reactions were overwhelming! After the first edition, now comes the second edition of the Chinese Food Experience!

This release features artists like Reaper, Trilogy, Synthattack and Hexxcode from Canada.

REAPER, as a project of the well-known musician and producer Vasi Vallis, have delivered a very interesting and special remix. The entire mood conveyed by the title of the track has been reinterpreted and acoustically adapted and re-presented. Reaper gave the classic a new expression that doesn’t miss the old sound and yet reinvents itself completely.

Trilogy gave the track a big pinch of industrial heaviness that some might be missing! An independent composition from start to finish with an uncompromising reference to the original.

Synthattack – The name says it all: ATTACKE! The dance floors will love this remix. It is strongly based on the original, but it doesn’t miss the usual sound of Synthattack. You have to hear it for yourself to appreciate it!

HEXXCODE is an acoustic project from Canada (Montreal) led by the head of the project: Phil R. He gave the track more than just a new acoustic guise. The original track enters into a seamless symbiosis with the classic elements of Ambient and the spherical surfaces of IDM. If you think that a track can’t sound new without losing its roots, you simply HAVE to listen to this.

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