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Circuit Preacher`s “Subtext”

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Step into the sanctum with Circuit Preacher`s “Subtext” – a profound musical sermon echoing through the sacred chambers of modern EBM.

In this industrial-cathedral of sound, “Subtext” channels the ethereal essence of Skinny Puppy merging with Nine Inch Nails, crafting a hymn for those seeking truth amidst the enigmatic layers of existence.

The lyrics beseech for divine revelation, as the unblinking digital eye watches over the congregation. “Subtext” becomes your spiritual pilgrimage, guiding you through the maze where the boundary between illusion and reality blurs.

Join the faithful followers of Circuit Preacher on this transcendental journey. Let the entrancing melodies and enigmatic verses of “Subtext” be your guiding light, as you decrypt the sacred code of your own existence within this musical sanctuary.

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