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Accessory – Dark Dance of Life

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The music video was recorded by ourselves. We used the premises of our rehearsal room here in Chemnitz. At the same time, many thanks to Kay Eckardt for the support. To complete the music video for the song Dark Dance of Life, we used a few AI effects, among other things. Here we have embarked on an artistic journey to look at ourselves from a creative AI perspective. There are lots of little details hidden in the video that perfectly reflect the driving beat of our new song and hopefully encourage you to dance. It doesn’t matter whether you’re dancing in the club, on the couch or at work. If you’re wondering why there’s a poster from Front 242 in the background, it’s easy to explain. We did this consciously to pay homage to this band. We have been big fans of the band Front 242 since we were teenagers and wanted to express this in this video. No other band has influenced our creative process as much as Front 242. We hope you enjoy our new video and our new song. Please leave us some comments here. We are always happy to receive praise or constructive criticism.

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