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Solitary Experiments - Transcendent (Box)

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CD 1: Transcendent

  1. Wonderland
  2. Heart of stone
  3. Every now and then
  4. Head over heels
  5. Zeitgeist feat. Dirk Ivens (dive)
  6. Discipline
  7. Transcendent
  8. The great unknown (album) feat. Elena Fossi (Kirlian Camera)
  9. End of story
  10. Self-fulfilling prophecy
  11. In agony

CD 2: Enlightenment

  1. Träumen feat. Nina De Lianin (In Strict Confidence)
  2. Sea of love feat. Patrik Hansson (uncreated/vanguard)
  3. Anyone out there feat. Gabriella Åström (me the tiger)
  4. So bizarre feat. nils upahl (beyond obsession)
  5. Every Now And Then (Rob Dust RMX)
  6. Heart Of Stone (Grendel RMX)
  7. Wonderland (In Strict Confidence RMX)
  8. Heart Of Stone (Run Level Zero RMX)
  9. Wonderland (Supreme Court RMX)
  10. Darkness falls (Anxiolytic RMX By MC1R)
  11. Road To Horizon (Controlled Fusion RMX By Steffen Schuhrke)
  12. Immortal (Massiv In Mensch RMX)

CD 3: La Voix De La Femme

  1. Achromatic feat. Helix
  2. Delight feat. Julia Beyer
  3. Now or never feat. Adam is a girl
  4. Sanctuary feat. Schmoun
  5. Epiphany feat. Omnimar
  6. Phoenix feat. Foretaste
  7. I am feat. Distorted Reality
  8. The Struggle feat. Julia Beyer
  9. Shelter feat. Schmoun



Electro, Synth-Pop


Out Of Line

Release Date



2 CD




500 copies, Limited Edition

Box contains

limited wooden box exclusive bonus CD rubber duck (with a tie of course) shot glass two sticker certificate

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