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Dead Astronauts - Silhouettes Redux

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  • Low Light (S Y Z Y G Y X Remix)
  • Strangers in a Room (Cult Of Alia Remix)
  • Forgetting Me (Outerspace Version ft. Steve Monti)
  • Thorns (The Rain Within Remix)
  • She Haunts Me (CIRQUE D'ESS Remix)
  • Chauffeur and the Flame (Mechanimal Remix)
  • Missing Person (ULTRA SUNN Remix)
  • Missing Person (Mecha Maiko Remix)
  • Pain, I Know (Camlann Remix)
  • Cage (Dead Lights Remix)
  • These Hands (Crying Vessel Remix)



Darkwave, Synth-Pop


Cold Transmission Music


CD, Album, Vinyl, LP, Album, Pink

Remix by

Camlann, Cirque D'Ess, Crying Vessel, Cult Of Alia, Dead Lights, Mecha Maiko, Mechanimal, S Y Z Y G Y X, The Rain Within, Ultra Sunn


300 copies, Limited Edition

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