Dienstag, April 23, 2024

ManMindMachine – Resistance

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RESISTANCE! The official video for the track Resistance from the ep „Automaton City“ is out now. Featuring lots of robots and footage of ManMindMachine live. The robot rebellion in Automaton City is in full effect – and the humans are losing. Robots are taking over – and there are no pardon, no prisoners, no mercy Thanks Tommy / www.pixitdesign.dk for his hard work in making this amazing video.


Sven Phalanx & Eleven-FX

Sven Phalanx ist zurück bei "Infacted Recordings" und hat sich dieses Mal mit dem mexikanischen Musikproduzenten Eleven-FX zusammengetan. Sven Phalanx ist für das Label bereits...

M/A/T`s „Replikant“


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