Sonntag, Juli 14, 2024

La Machine – Vamos a la Playa

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Enriched with Uranium, La Machine is back with a new 6-track atomic EP! The first single to be released is a minimalist and mechanical cover of Righeira’s Vamos A La Playa, to which La Machine gives all its meaning again without changing a single word in the original lyrics.

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A summer hit which made the whole mankind dance to the blast of a nuclear explosion: that was all it took for La Machine to take control and give back its original intention, making the Geiger counters panic in the process. A new shot of vintage analog thrills with the most horrifying nuclear nightmare in several formats 6-track CD or 10″ vinyl EP as well as digital single.


IAMX`s Fault Lines²

IAMX haucht seinem hyper-emotionalen Elektronik-Projekt mit dem neuen Album "Fault Lines²" neues spirituelles Leben ein. Es ist der Nachfolger der aggressiven, kultigen Machenschaften, die...

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