Montag, Februar 26, 2024

KY – Demons

This is a very personal song about the struggle with inner demons from the past that still affect your presence and how desperation can push you into an unhealthy coping mechanism.

KY: Acey – vocals, writing, producing Stephen – drums, co-writing

Song: written by Acey Jee (KY) Produced by KY and Krisztián Árvai (Black Nail Cabaret) Video: concept: Acey Jee Regie: Jens Linnebach and Acey Jee camera, edit&post: Jens Linnebach, CAM&CUT Make up&hair: Janina Prei Light and stage setup: René Laessig and his incredible team Costume: Marie Hintze and Pink Passion Atelier Set photographer: Jule Fölsch Special thanks in this Video go to: Jens (for saving the whole shoot and being the solid rock in a stormy sea), Susi for being the best (female power)partner in (music) crime and René for being incredibly supportive, Steffi, Janina, Jule, Marie, Gareth, Nicolé and Madina (best dog sitter in the world), Krisz and Borris (our mindset coach and friend). Without you this wouldn´t have been possible!


The Cassandra Complex präsentiert „Death & Sex“

COP International ist stolz darauf, die Veröffentlichung von Death & Sex bekannt zu geben, dem neuesten Album der legendären Post-Punk-Gruppe The Cassandra Complex. Vor 40...

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