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The fourth album of Grey Gallows “Strangers” is here

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“Strangers” is the fourth full-length album by Grey Gallows, in which Grey Gallows have found the artistic freedom and the support to fulfill their musical pursuit.

In this album the band, having experimented with both hardware and software analogue synths, aimed to enrich its style sonically and synthetically, incorporating more electronic elements than in their previous albums.

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Κeystone of the album is Konstantin’s baritone voice and the distinctive guitar sound of Dionisis. Moreover, the participation of two of the most important female singers in the broader dark sound of the scene in Greece and abroad, Kriistal Ann (Paradox Obscure) and Irini Tiniakou (Incirrina), has given the group a deeper expressive ability to approach different musical styles and feelings. Furthermore, the contribution of sound designer Nick “The Mute” Chaldoupis, with whom Grey Gallows also collaborated on “Garden of Lies”, in the mixing and production of the album is of high importance, as he works once again as the 3rd member of the group, giving to the band its distinctive sound.

Thus, Grey Gallows have accomplished to create a “palette” of songs from darkwave to minimal synth and cold wave, always having at the core of their influences the sound of the 80s-90s with a more modern approach. Lyrically, the album deals with both experiential and fantastic narratives about the human psyche, love, pain, alienation and the redemption of the individual, concerning with social issues that plague the modern era. or as Grey Gallows themselves say…

’’ …I’m calling out your name again – Come and take my pain…’’

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