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Omnimar announce darkpop as remix album

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When dark elegance meets mysticism and numbs all your senses, you can be sure that Omnimar created something special again! The album ‘Darkpop’ which was released in2021 und which got several international chart entries, combines beauty and chaos in a very unique way.

All 13 songs of this masterpiece have been now remixed by several alternative scene cult bands. You’ll find wonderful remixes made by the synthpop and darkwave iconsRotersand, Frozen Plasma, Assemblage 23, Imperative Reaction, A Life Divided and Rroyce, but also pulse driving remixes made by the electro industrial starsExtize, Lazerpunk, Ruined Conflict, ESA, ES23 and more. A must have remix album full of dacefloor hits and songs you’ll remember forever!

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