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NOSW Podcast with Ulf Mueller #192 2023-06-14

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from Germany ‘Bavaria’ Pang bei Rosenheim includes Adam Masterson, Alien Skin, Anna Chika, ASSASSUN, Birdman Cult, BlakLight, Blank, Bodyguerra, Boxes, Church Of Trees (Paragon Cause Darkwave Mix), Cosmo Blue, Das Fortleben, David Findley, Dragonflies, Drifting In Silence, Evidence of a Struggle, Franz K., Hallowed Hearts, HUSK, LES LULLIES, Lifelong Corporation, Mari Kattman, Merry Chicklit feat. Voodoopunk, Mr T & The Minions, NOT MY GOD, Projekt Ich, Pulse Lab, Roman Angelos (Agile Peer Mix), Ronda Ray, Sam Gluck, Scatterface, Sevaskar, Soman, Sophia Garvey, Speed Limit, Symptom Eskalation, The Crawling Eye, VOODOO DRUMMER and Zynic (Remix by Sea of Sin).


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