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Mechanical Moth presents album number 8

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With the 8th album, the musical-artistic transformation of the last few years really takes off. With N8, Mechanical Moth delves even deeper into the band’s strength of fully utilizing the bandwidth of electro wave and interpreting it in their very own way.

The music was created exclusively with hardware synths and drum computers. The unpredictability of overheated analog instruments reflects the fragility of the soul. The powerful, deliberately not always completely clean sound is the organic canvas on which the N8 is painted.

The claim of the lyrics is nothing less than a dance around the light of pulsating beats, beguiling melodies and a vocal borderline that combines the soul of the night with soulful-jazzy elements, great emotional intensity and an excursion into spoken word.


The powerful voice of our friend Bastian (Intent:Outtake and Funker Vogt) was contributed for Access. The music videos, all produced in-house, are also seen as part of the overall work of art.

Mechanical Moth is a band founded in Darmstadt in 2002 by Tandrin under the name “Projekt Rosenhöhe”. From its inception to the present day, Mechanical Moth’s music has combined elements from many genres, including electro, goth rock, industrial, darkwave and symphonic music. Orchestral music. The basic line, however, was and always will be Gothic.

By the band’s twenty-second anniversary, Tandrin and Ivy had coalesced into a joint mastermind and roamed the everyday cosmos together while working on N8. The insatiable search for inspiration and technical possibilities has resulted in a musical kaleidoscope with the 8th album. A multi-faceted splinter image that sets the recurring themes of self-reflection, past and future as well as emotional abysses in a framework with the usual strong recognition value.

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