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Electronic Duo, Akustikkoppler Tap Into The Past And Future With New Album

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Alles Muß Raus is the third album by Akustikkoppler, an ongoing collaboration between German artists, Matthias Schuster and Malte Steiner.

Inspired by the rough commercial industrial surroundings of Schusters Studio back then in Hamburg, Alles Muß RausIt was produced on vintage and modern equipment. The two artists combine past and future to a sparkling, shimmering darkness.

Alles Muß RausIt is filled with hooky rhythms and non-keyboard electronics. But the music is very accessible and works well herein.

Malte Steiner and Matthias Schuster threw in each of their own decades of electronic music production to create the dark and surreal sound world of the album. The tracks from Alles Muß RausIt were produced between 2008 and 2012, and have been remastered in 2021.


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