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Delivered Soul – Shine Of The Night rmx by Van Adrian

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Delivered Soul – Shine Of The Night rmx by Van Adrian / Words: Roger / Voice: Lisa / Remastered by Thomas Lüdke / Original by Delivered Soul – Shine Of The Night taken from the album “Wenn Träume wehtun” / Thanks to Pexels: Rostislav Uzunov / cottonbro studio / Mart production / Pixabay / Annie Spratt / Everett Bumstead / AFFAN TECH / Joao Pävese / Dan Cristian Päduret / Soumya / CESAR A RAMIREZ V TRAPHITHO / Free Videos / KoolShooters / Engin Akyurt / Miguel Á. Padriñán / JD´S / Largo Editt This rmx is already 8 years old and has never been properly released. I love this version……… Headphones on, volume up, enjoy!


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