Friday, July 12, 2024

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Maduro’s new album, ‘End In Noise,’ featuring the single ‘Lips Like Venom.’

End in Noise was recorded between 2023-2024 and reflects the piercing visual and auditory static of a suffering world...

Neuroklast present their new single “Ruina”

The trailblazing electro-industrial duo Neuroklast from Germany joined the darkTunes family. Neuroklast has been crafting a unique soundscape that transcends...

Bill Leeb (Frontline Assembly) solo album

Bill Leeb is the Vancouver-based musician and mastermind behind electro-industrial scene mainstays Front Line Assembly and ambient-pop duo Delerium,...

DarkWave Band Urban Heat`s “The Tower”

Austin/Texas is known as the “music capital of the world” — and Urban Heat is one of its greatest...

Lucifer’s Aid v/s Bruce Springsteen

Lucifer's Aid aka. Carl Nilsson is one of the most hard working persons in the alteternative industrial scene. But...

Teknovore announce second album “Caerdroia”

With "Caerdroia", Teknovore release their second studio album on Infacted Recordings. In contrast to the digital release, "Caerdroia" contains...

Clockwork Echo Drops Long-Awaited New Single, “Hallowed Be Thy Pain”

Industrial-Band Clockwork Echo has just unleashed their highly-anticipated new single, "Hallowed Be Thy Pain". Laden with raw emotion and haunting...

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