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Black Nail Cabaret release new digital EP “Teach Me How to Techno” and drop video of the title-track

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Black Nail Cabaret vocalist Emese Árvai-Illés went to a couple of vogue nights, and she was deeply inspired by the inclusiveness of this celebration of diversity and beauty of the human form. Voguing in this context refers to a a highly stylized form of dance that was originally created by black and Latino LGBTQ+ communities particularly in Harlem, a neighbourhood in Upper Manhattan, New York City.

The singer got in touch with Daniel, the father of the Kiki House of Bandita and also the choreographer of the team, to bring a fusion of vogue and dark music to life. The term ‘Kiki’ generally goes back to LGBTQ+ culture and in particular to a Black and Latinx origin. Today it is often used meaning a social gathering, but it is also subculture of ballroom culture. The Kiki House of Bandita is a ballroom house located in Budapest and home to a community of the dancers who also appear in the video ‘Teach Me How to Techno’.

Ballroom goes back to drag balls of 19th century United States and developed into dance events that are often competitive. Participants in ballroom often belong to groups known as ‘houses’. Houses are led by ‘mothers’ and ‘fathers’, mostly experienced members of the ballroom scene. Kiki houses and the modern ballroom culture often provide LGBTQ+ youths a space of shelter and love, which is particularly needed by those who have been estranged from their biological families. Members of the Budapest Kiki House of Bandita are also a part of the MD Dance Company, a dance studio in Hungary’s capital.

Black Nail Cabaret comment: “I think, I will never learn how to techno!”, singer Emese Árvai-Illés claims. “I wanted to work with a techno-esque sound, but it somehow always ends up with different style bits and more melodies than intended: a dash of trance and a hint of EBM. That is just who we are, our essence, and a mixture of our own musical impressions always filters through. It is also a love letter to the artist, who wasn’t himself for a few weeks after life got him hard. If no one wants your lessons, I’m here, teach me something. Life is an illusion and we are like children, fighting.”

Video Credits
Music by Emese Árvai-Illés and Krisztián Árvai
Lyrics by Emese Árvai-Illés
Produced by Krisztián Árvai
Directing and editing by Krisztián Kovács (K82Studio)
Assistance by Dániel Ágoston
Choreography by Daniel Moritz
Dancers from Kiki House of Bandita & MD Dance Company

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